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Fault Lines (2021)  

When the unthinkable happens...

When Ashley disappears from a party at a haunted house attraction, Laurie Arbo fears the worst. Her best friend would not just up and leave. As days turn into weeks, it becomes clear that Ashley is not coming back. But without a body, proving that a crime has been committed – let alone unmasking the culprit – is a tall order.

The truth should come first.


All eyes are on Ashley’s boyfriend, who is being cagey. But Laurie’s own partner, Nate, is not being truthful either. On that fateful night, his clothes were bloodstained. He swears it wasn’t Ashley’s, but Laurie doesn’t know what to believe. Heartbroken, she leaves town, refusing to accept the man she loves might be a murderer.

But what if it’s ugly? 


Seven years later, Laurie returns to Solway to work on a TV documentary about a local family drama. She reconnects with Nate, and the pieces start falling together. As Laurie draws close to learning where Ashley is and what happened that night, she realizes the truth might be the one thing she doesn’t want to uncover.


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